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The Google Developers Experts program (GDE) is a Google initiative to create a global network of professionals with experience on Google technologies and a strong relation with developer communities and startups

I have known this program for some years because of my friend and old work mate Javier Ramírez (Cloud GDE) and because of some different talks where I’ve seen Almo, Developer Program Manager at Google Spain, talking about the different programs they promote (GDG, WTM, GDE, etc). Today I’m really proud to announce that I just joined as a Cloud GDE.

I know that what I had with Kubernetes was love at first sight. Since the first time I tried it I knew that I wanted to know more about and that I wanted to share what I was learning about it. That took me to give ten talks and workshops about Kubernetes and microservices last year (with other talks about Javascript and public speaking techniques). Also, my job at seedtag (where, by the way, we are hiring :p) caused me to delve into other tools like Datastore, Dataproc, GCS and BigQuery… and all of that led to this acknowledgement!

Talking at Codemotion about Raspberry Pi, Kubernetes and TensorFlow with Almo

I thought that this announcement was a great way to use again my poor forgotten blog, to encourage you to always continue learning and sharing what you learn and remind you that if I can help you with any of these topics or you want a speaker, you can contact me!

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