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It is a fact that in my family all the genes regarding fashion have ended in my sister Carmen, that’s why I always take the opportunity to go shopping with her when she comes to Madrid to visit me or sometimes I use her as a personal shopper through Whatsapp when I wonder if a dress suits me or not.


Carmen and me with the Angry Nerds t-shirt

Nevertheless, I cannot avoid liking to get dress up and providing to my looks a personal touch. Often, that touch is reflected with some geek accessories like earrings printed with a 3D print, Angry Brids badges, Minion t-shirts or even Angry Nerds t-shirts.

Sometimes it is not an easy task to find this kind of things, that’s so I loved when I found the other day while I was walking at Fuencarral a new Vans collection dedicated to Nintendo.

Among the items of that collection we can find bags, t-shirts, socks and, of course, shoes designed with images from Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Princess Peach among others. My favorite shoes are the ones from Princess Peach and I have just bought them in Amazon way cheaper than at the official store (47,39 euros).

Does anyone else dare to buy them? 😉

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