WTF?! Smart Sticker

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This year at my birthday I received from my family a Multicook Pro to encourage me to cook again and stop ordering food whenever I run out of the food that my boyfriend’s mother send us.

Even if the receipts book that comes with it is not too extensive, nowadays it is amazing to see the amount of blogs and videoblogs where the people share their tricks and where I found wonderful receipts like the one for this carrot cake. Nevertheless, every time I went to the kitchen with my Ipad I ended moving it from one place to another to make some room for all the tools and ingredients that I needed.


WTF?! Smart Sticker

Luckily I have know this week WTF?! Smart Sticker. It is an accessory with two adhesive surfaces at each side that will stick to our mobile, tablet or similar and will allow us to stick it to any flat, dry surface. According to the information provided in their web page you can use it more than 1000 times with devices up to 1kg.


Cooking with my Ipad

By proving it in my kitchen I could realize that the subjection is pretty good and reliable even for an old Ipad with case and smartcover. The only problem with it was that after detaching it (gently rotating it and later pulling a bit as it is explained in the instructions) it left some traces on the tiles, but they were removed easily with a damp cloth.

Expositor de WTF?! Smart Stickers en VIPS

WTF?! Smart Stickers expositor en VIPS

You can buy the WTF?! Smart Sticker at VIPS stores for 5 euros and there you can find many different designs. Also, in their web, they have a company section where you can order the product customized with your logo. That’s for sure an interesting option for some custom and useful swag for the next event that I organize!

Here you can see the video that I did while testing the sticker for the first time (it is in spanish, sorry!)

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