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This weekend I had the opportunity to go to Codemotion and I can only describe the result as awesome.

The location where it tool place, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, I think that it was quite good, as despite of being a bit far from the city center, it has good connections with metro, bus, train and many parking slots if you go with car, something really important when you plan to host more than 1000 attendees.

For some people it is a problem to have so many talks to choose, but I think that it was a success to propose so many tracks (7 with one workshop at some hours) as that way it is easier that you always will have some talk that you want to see any moment. I planned my day trying to go to talks focused on HTML5 and mobile and I would like to learn more about those topics. It is a pity that not all the tracks could be recorded and I had to miss some of them because the max capacity of the room was exceeded.

I was a bit shocked to see the impersonal way that some people had to leave their CV’s to the sponsors (Oracle, Microsoft, Medianet, Atlassian, Bq, VILT, Coritel, Extrema, IBM, Tuenti, Paradigma, Amazon, Telefónica y Mozilla). They simply left a sheet in a box without even saying a word to the people from the companies that were around.

This time I won’t detail the talks that I saw. Maybe when I have more time to practice what I learnt I will create shorter posts to describe it better. I only wanted to summarise my experience and encourage to whoever that missed it to go the next time. But I have to say that I know about a lot of people that worked hard to be there, like people from Universidad de Córdoba that left Córdoba at 2:30h by bus to arrive Madrid on time for the event and after it, back to Cordoba. That’s definitively to be willing to go!

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