Testing Pokemon Go Plus

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My Pokemon Go Plus

Last year I must have been really good because the Three Kings were really generous to me.

Among all the things that I found under the tree I had Pokémon Go Plus. And yes, I play Pokémon Go. I have to blame mostly Paul Goldbaum, who made me to download the app the first day that it was officially launched in Spain, and my sister, Carmen, who shared with me information regarding the different pokémon that has caught and who went with me to chase some day.

Wearing Pokémon Go Plus as a wristband

Thanks to this device I had not needed to handle my phone always with the app open to manage the game to count the kilometers walked while opening eggs or trying to get candies with my buddy. For me this has been a great improvement, and not aly because of the battery that I saved, but also because I love to go walking with music and for some reason, since a while, when I open Pokemon Go my Spotify music stops.

You need some practice to link it with the application as sometimes, after a long time of inactivity or when the phone lacks of internet connection, the device is disconnected. But once you connect it, it is really easy: it will blink with a blue light when there is a PokeStop near, green when there is a pokémon that you already have or yellow for a pokémon that you don’t own yet. For all the cases, after pushing the button the light will blink with different colors if we were successful and we managed to get elements from the PokeStop or we caught the pokémon or will blink red if we didn’t manage. Sometimes it can be difficult to know with only that feedback if we couldn’t success because of the usual reason (pokémon run away) or because of some problems that we could fix: that we don’t have any normal pokeball (the only balls that we can use), that we don’t have any empty place for more pokémon or for more items.

First Charmander that I caught with my Pokémon Go Plus! Well… I really found it under the Christmas Tree too :p

It is true that most of the pokémon that we get are usually small ones, but sometimes I also catch some very useful ones and the rest of them are also useful to get more candies or get more experience while catching them and evolving them.


So, at the moment I will continue with some walks with my new toy in my wrist to try to catch them all without any trick!

And you, have you played Pokemon Go? Do you still play?

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